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Hi, I am Gigi

So you decided to find out a bit more about me, great I will try and keep it short.

First I am a mother of four grown children three girls and one boy. They have now blessed me with eight grandchildren. Believe me when I tell you there is nothing better than grandchildren. You can spoil them and then give them back.

I am on my second (and last) marriage, and my husbands home country is Belgium. We have a lovely little mini farm in Belgium and share it with a few animal creatures.

We have a Haflinger horse, who earns her keep by taking us out for a Sunday cart ride now and then. There are two dogs, Ozzie a Whippet mix, and Izzie, an American Bulldog that I brought with me from Colorado.

We have three barn cats, that adopted us as wild strays, and as of this writing 21 chickens running around our little farm.

Professionally I have been a photographer for over 20 years. One of my favorite subjects is Equine photography, and I particularly love photographing the Draft Horse. They helped build our farms years ago, and their strength and gentle spirit is what inspires a lot my work.

My Draft horse images got the attention of the Draft Horse Journal magazine, and I am honored to be a regular contributor. I have had many of my pictures published in the United States and in Europe.

Along with being a photographer I also love to help other photographers grow their skills and build their portfolio. I do this through tutorials, community, and workshops.

As someone who loves living on dirt roads and far from city life, I have come to realize how fast our beautiful rural areas are disappearing. So I have made it my mission to preserve this lifestyle through my photography.

I can not stop the progression of our modern society, but I can create photographic art that tells the story of this diminishing lifestyle.

I would love for you to follow my work or let me help you create the story you most want to tell through photography.

Well, that is the low down on the work I do and this life I live.


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