That Really Get's My Goat!

A White Goat The other day while I was out on my morning bike ride, which I do not only for the expertise but to practice my photography, I came across some white goats grazing in the woods. I thought this guy was pretty cute with his long white beard and since he was white and the woods were brown he fit the rule of contrast in photography. So of course he was a good subject to practice on. This was the best of the photographs I took of the goats.

After loading the photographs, I got thinking to myself, where did the phrase " That really get's my goat" comes from. Why in the world would we associate a goat with irritation? After all the only goats I see irritated is when the two of them but heads, which I think for them is practice in defending their mates.

Well I did a search on and found some interesting reasons. None of which really satisfied my thoughts about it, but then not much of history really does intrigue me, I am more of a live in the present and look to the future type rather than spend time wondering about the past.

But in case you are interested in where this came from here are a few links so you can choose which one you want to believe. 

Meanwhile, I will be returning to my bike riding tomorrow and taking photographs of things I find interesting on the back roads here around Belgium.