Feeling Like I Am Not Alone

Waiting On Spring Today's world is changing rapidly and as a woman in her 50's trying to not only learn all things technology but keep up with it is quite a challenge. I started writing my blog because I enjoy rural life, draught horses, and the people who live these lifestyles. But recently I have had second thoughts on all of this. Who today is going to read a blog about a culture that seems to be leaving in today's fast pass world? How can you build a business with images that the general public are not interested in?  I felt like I did not have anything of interest to say or photograph that could relate in today's culture. I was just about ready to scrap this blog and rethink my business, when I decided to read some of my followers blogs and others that I have enjoyed.




I think what I determined the enemy (internet, computers, technology ) to rural living is the thing that may just help to keep it alive. People with the same passions connecting and sharing their lifestyle is inspiring not only to me but to others living or dreaming of the same things.

So I want to thank all of you living out on a back road somewhere and writing your experiences and stories. You are helping this photographer and blogger to stay on the right path. The one a bit less traveled.

I will be photographing a group of men here in Belgium that are going to be plowing with their horses this weekend and going to an old timers" fair and I will post the photos here on my blog.

Have a great week.