Where Is Home ?

Homestead in Belgium

Homestead in Belgium

I have struggled with this question for many years, all my life actually. I was born in Joliet, Illinois and I my family lived there for three years before moving to another town about 10 miles away.  This was a big move in the 50's because back then most families put their roots down in the town where they were born and many even lived on the same street next to other family members.  

So for our family was making  a big move. We lived in the house my parents bought for about 7 years. Then hard times hit. My father lost his job and they were forced to sell my mothers dream house which then resulted in years of renting and moving from house to house.  My mom use to comment about how many times we moved when I was younger, I think we counted maybe 9 or 10 times in the same town. This situation did not change for me as an adult.  I got married young and had four children, during that time we started in a small apartment, then our  first house, then a bigger  home suited for a growing family and then my dream of living in the country on mini farm. After the mini farm we moved due to a work transfer and built another home in the country where things settled down for about 15 years.

Life continued to be challenging after my children were raised and I found myself on my own. With constant moving being a continual theme in my life.  I found myself in Montana, Wyoming, Florida, back to Montana and then a bold move to Belgium and now splitting my time between Belgium and Colorado.  All in all since 1998 I have moved more than 20 times.

With every new place came the same question from the locals,"where are you from?"  where do you live?' "where is your home?" The answer was never simple.

But today I found my answer and a feeling of knowing where home is for me.  I found it in  a TED talk.

The speaker talks about having many of the same experiences I have and how he explains it put me a peace. You see people like me that live a non conventional lifestyles is becoming very common. Today many of us find ourselves in different states and countries far from where we were raised.  The world is changing and apparently my life is more common then I thought. Your home is not where you think it is.

I highly recommend listening to this talk:  TED talk Where is Home?  It will open you up to a new way of looking at the place we call home.  Now I have the simple answer to the question I am so asked often.