Sometimes A Back Road Is All You Need



For the past three weeks I have been preparing for my semi-annual move back to Belgium. If you have ever moved you know just how many things need to be arranged and taken care of. Sure I do not have to take the furniture but I do have to figure out what I will need for the next 6 months and how to fit it into two suitcases. Along with what camera equipment can I live without and what really needs to come.

Also I have been getting my life in order and decided it was time to not only think of my family and what would happen say, if my plane goes missing. I also have ben working on getting my business matters in order, like a bookkeeping system, LLC's registered, bank accounts in order, insurance, taxes,.... ick, just writing this drives me crazy let alone having dealt with it all in the last three weeks.

So now that I am up at 1:30am in the morning worrying about all that is left to do before I leave, I am realizing I need a break.

I know just where to go. I am going to find myself a nice country back road and take a long walk in nature.

There is something about getting into nature that can put things back in perspective when you feel over whelmed. The sound of the spring birds, gentle flow of a water, farm animals basking in the sun, the fresh smell of early spring. Your problems and concerns just melt away as you just take it all in.

So if like me you have been busy with life's constant duties, try taking some time away and find a quiet little back road and drive and enjoy the rural scenery. Then park the car or truck and get out and walk awhile. I know you will come back refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge life has waiting for you.

Above are some photographs I have taken while I was on a back road.