Making Lemonade of this Blog


Updating My Website and Loosing Things

I just updated my entire website. It took two weeks of work just to get it back published and it was and is always a job.

Things change rapidly today and I believe our websites need a be of new paint now and then. So I tackled this project head-on.

Now that it is published there is still much more I need to work on like my Store and a few other little annoyances. But that can be done daily taking just some extra time now and then.

Old Blog Post Did Not Survive Well!

However, my blog did not survive very well. I had plans to change the blog anyway. But was going to keep my previous three years of work in case someone wanted to read the old posts.

Something technical went wrong and I lost many of my posts. So if previous post look well like something missing, that is because there are photos that got lost.

So now I have to redo and revamp this blog by turning this sour mess into some fresh like lemonade.

My plans are to tell stories behind my photographic art, help other photographers create their art, and share some of my crazy life of migrating from one contentant to the other.

I will give you an insiders view to how I create my photographic art, and tips to help those who want to create their own art. And of course stories from the backroads.

Hope you enjoy the lemonade!


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