Social Media Fatigue & What We Can Do About It


I, of course, feel a lot of fatigue from posting on social media because I run a small business and it is the most successful way to market your business today.

But the other day I saw a Facebook post from an older man named Ed I follow on Facebook and was surprised to hear the echoes of his discontent with posting on social media.

It made me feel sad see Ed who is retired and lives in Colorado becoming frustrated with Social Media.

He and his wife love to go to visit our great National Parks like Rocky Mountain National Park to view wildlife. They go in the late afternoon and stop at a fast food restaurant to pick up some dinner to eat at the park. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

They have been doing this for several years. He also loves fly-fishing and discovered a secret place to fish that happens to draw in Moose. Ed has created a great relationship with the Moose in the area, he doesn't bother them nor them him while he is fishing.

He always would bring his camera and took loads of images of all the Moose that came his way. He would then post them on Facebook and enjoyed the interaction he had with all the viewers that made comments. It was a great little hobby for him.

A friend and I even asked if he would help us find some Moose so we could photograph them. Ed delivered and I was able to capture this image.


But the other day I noticed that Ed had lost his enthusiasm for posting on Facebook. He said he was sick of it and frustrated.

I hear this more and more, basically, because Facebook has decided incorporated a new policy of "no pay no show" and have buried many posts that use to be viewed more in the past.

I get it that we have had a long time of posting on Facebook for years and it was all free, but times are changing as everyone is trying to have their post get recognition today and businesses are using Social Media for marketing.

I am afraid FREE in Social Media is over. Which is causing frustrations and fatigue about posting.

They have now become the gatekeepers of whose content is more important or who is willing to spend the most money.

This is one reason I am so thankful to have an email list of people who have enjoyed my work over the past several years.

If I did not have this list, I would be like Ed, who has all but lost his purpose of posting because he feels no one cares. Instagram who is owned by Facebook has gone the same way.

So what do we all do now?

Well for me I am going to try and give my followers and subscribers to my newsletter as much information, entertainment, and things I think they will find interesting as I can.

It may be a good thing because I think I can offer more than just a pretty picture a day. I am having some great ideas on how I can give more interesting and useful things to my email list subscribers. (HInt: You may want to join my list to find out more)

Maybe it is time to use Social Media to connect in a deeper way than just scrolling through our feeds.

Joining groups of like minded people, setting up a call with someone, going to an event with people who have your same interest. It is time to get Social and drop some of the electronic Media.

How about you are you frustrated with Social Media? If so what will you do next?

Love to have you post your comments on the subject!

P.S. I just found a way to add chat on my website, I think this is great and would love for you to give it a try. Also if you have any questions or just want to chat (in person) I am open to having a real conversation. Imagine doing that again! How fun!