Today I Am Asking Why???

I just was reading a new book on my Kindle called "The Creative Life in Photography" by Brooks Jensen. This book has got me thinking about why I am doing the type of photography I am doing. I mean really digging deep into why I am photographing horses, dogs, nature etc.. Sure I am always in the pursuit of learning more and perfecting my craft, but why? What is it I am trying to accomplish by photographing my subjects? I sat in silence to really dig deep. Here is what came to me. Since I was small I have been attracted to the animal kingdom. I had an imaginary farm in my head at age three, I still can recall every detail of this farm. As I grew up I was continuously bringing home lost dogs, kittens, rabbits, baby birds, turtles and mice  I drove my parents crazy with these creatures I wanted to have live with us. So there started the root of my interest.

But today after many years of living (59 to be exact) I am asking the question why? What is it about animals and nature that has dominated the decisions I make not only to photograph but how I live my life.

I am now starting to ask why do I want to photograph animals and nature?  Why must I live near them.  Why horses and particularly draft horses, why dogs, why regular dogs and not the beautiful show dogs, why nature, not the landscapes you travel to but the ones I stumble upon.  Not just flowers but weather.

All In A Days Work

Book Store Dog

Frost Bite


This is the question I am asking myself today, why?

It never hurts to stop in your life and ask why you are doing what you are doing. It will bring you to a spot to examine your life before you make choices that may lead you away from yourself rather than toward who you really are.

So here are some answers to my why. Because animals let us into their world if we just ask  rather than insist.  Because the draft horse can overpower us but chooses not to.  Because nature can inspire and destroy us all in the same day. Because the relationship is more important than the activity. Because the eyes speak and beauty inspires.

I have a feeling I still need to dig a bit deeper, but a least I know why I photograph what I do. Now I need to ask what I will create with my photography and why.

What is your why?


Snow & Frustration

A tip of a branch I am sure when you read this title and if you have live in an area where you have gotten snow lately you think I am going to talk about how frustrating it is dealing with the snow. Driving in it, shoveling it, scrapping windows,salted roads, dirty cars etc.. I am afraid you would be wrong. Although I have to deal with those frustrations like everyone else when it snows, my frustration comes from the fact that it seems to snow on days that I have other commitments and appointments that prevent me  from spending  hours photographing the beauty just outside my door.

Today is such a day. It snowed here in Littleton, Colorado about 8 inches and everything looks white and soft and beautiful. But I have appointments and things I must do and I am so frustrated because it has happened on a day when I am booked with work that can not be rescheduled.  Today is such an opportunity sent by nature and  for someone like me who just loves snow.

It is my hope that it will snow all day and maybe late this afternoon I can get out and explore and create the beauty  of this wonderful gift from nature.

But until then I just will get ready for my appointments and feel the frustration.

Here are some previous photographs I have taken on a snow day.

Milk weed in the son