A Tip I Got From The Belgians On Beer.

Beer, well I think among country people it is probably the drink of choice after a long days work in the hot summer months. I know it is in this family. My husband is a Belgian and they invented beer, raise their young on beer, and drink it like water.  When you are 12 years old you can go into a Cafe' and have a beer if your parents are present. If you are 16 you can have a beer without them present. Agree or disagree, that is not the point. I am just saying they know their beer and there must be over 300 different kinds here from dark to light and everything in between. Here is a tip I learned from my Belgian guy. If you pour a beer and it goes flat like this one:

All you have to do is get a small piece of cardboard, like tear a piece of the coaster they give you or use a corner off the matches, or just tear a piece off a card board box. Swirl it in your beer a few times and Wa La You have foam. Like this:

I have tried it and it works every time. But I must say the better the beer the better it works. Coors light will have less foam than say a  Stella Artois. If you know your beer you know what I am talking about.

This is my tip of the week. Now back to my favorite beer, Karmeliet a nice blonde beer made by the monks.  Yes this country girl likes beer. Like they say when in Rome or better Belgium, do what Belgian's do, drink lot's of beer.

How Much Does Your Horse Weigh?

Ardennes Draft Horse Ever wonder just how much your horse weighs?

It is a good piece of information to have available to help you with feed or medicine.

Here is a simple formula to figure it out without taking them to the weighing scale.

Measure the horse around their heart girth which is 4" behind the front legs, then measure their length from the withers to the base of the tail. Then do this formula with those measurements:

Heart girth X heart girth X length divided by 330 and that should give you your weight.

Let me know if it works for you.