Women have a DNA to love horses.

Women & Horses Have you ever noticed that where ever you find a horse you will usually find many women? The Kentucky derby is a very popular event and the women love to attend it as much as the men but for completely different reasons. They are not interested in the betting and competition, they just love being around the beauty of the horse.

Yes the cowboy was popular in the west, but that is because of the rough and tumble lifestyle that was required back in that time. There is a DNA factor going on here.  The "horse loving" DNA in women is similar to the "sport" DNA in men. Men love to watch, attend, and participate in sports of some kind or another. It brings out the masculine part of them that wants to conquer something. Horses bring out the DNA of gentle beauty to women. The horse is one of the most beautiful animals on this earth because of the elegant way they move and strong muscles that define their bodies. Women are attracted to the gentle masculine part of the horse.

We start out loving them in fairy tales, then when we are old enough want to ride them, and if the gene is really strong we seek to own our own horse. We love caring for them and often time will put them first in our life. It is a similar gene to taking care of children but it goes deeper than that. Women have a special relationship with their horse. We possess a quiet understanding of them and what they need and in return just their presence makes us feel safe.

So if you are wondering why women usually dominate the sport where a horse is involved, it is because our DNA for the horse is stronger than the need to compete which why during competition women are usually thinking of the horse rather than the prize. The horse is not an animal that can handle conflict or force, it is their nature to run from threatening situations. Women understand this and seem to nurture this part of the horse's nature. This is why women can get so much more out of a horse than most men.

I have seen a few men that can really contact to a horse and understand that bold masculine power is not going to get them anywhere. I also happen to be married to one of these such men. He understands horses and knows just how to take the time to get through to them. I am not sure why there are just a handful of men like this, but it is a rare quality.

But generally women and horse have a deep connection that makes them perfect match and it all has to do with the DNA women carry for the of "love of horses"