Dinner In a Bag or Cooked By a Chef?

I have been working on my business plan and organizing how my business is going to run. This is an overwhelming task that is taking hours and research and decisions on what my business will be in the future. I get afraid sometimes of all the photographers out there and all the new technology that comes out and trying to keep up with this crazy industry. I feel a lot like the horse in this image, worried about what is coming next

But today I came across a blog post from the Lesser Photographer  http://alesserphotographer.com that set me at ease and made me feel good about the path I am going down.  I realized that most of us are more than willing to pay extra for the experience of having dinner out where a highly skilled chef is in the kitchen looks after every detail to make it  the meal special. The restaurant is clean and decorated and you feel comfortable just to relax and enjoy your meal as compared to going to a fast food drive up window and get your dinner in a bag with plastic forks. I can see I now the difference in the photographer that shoots and burns compared to the photographer that creates a business like the chef in a top restaurant. It is all about the experience and the quality of product and the price usually reflects what you will receive.