Take A Ride With Me

Just about every morning I get up at 4:30 am stumble to the living room, whine the grandfather clock we inherited from my husband's mother and make a pot of coffee. If it is cold I make a fire in the wood stove. Believe it or not I made one just yesterday when the temperature dipped to 38. I then fire up my Kindle and read and have coffee for about an hour. This is my morning ritual. As I watch the sun slowly come up I look to see if it is a good morning to get on my bike and go for a ride with my camera in the saddlebag. If there is clouds, fog, frost or anything interesting I am out the door by 6:00.

Why would someone do this so early? I love mornings first off, the light is amazing in the early hours and usually most people are still tucked in their houses so not as many distractions. The wind is usually quite and the birds await you. Also this is when I practice my photography, learn my camera, and experiment with different setting etc. Singers, dancers, athletes, all practice daily to perfect their art, and as a  photographer I do the same.

This is a beautiful time of year so I thought I would invite you along on one of my early morning rides. Don't worry you can stay inside and drink your coffee I will take you virtually with me. Hope you enjoy your spring ride.

Click here to come along: