Blogging About Not Blogging

Ok, I can not be alone here. You have been told to blog right? You have even tried it, got excited about your first and maybe your second blog, but then it happens. Your mind goes blank, you do not think you have anything to say or share, and you just don't get why you should spend so much time making sure your blog is interesting, reads easy and flows, let's readers get to know you even more than you want them to, show nice photography to add interest and do this whole thing several times a week. Are they crazy? I have tried calling my blog by a name of the week like "Monday" so I will be sure to get it done by Monday. Nope did not last. I tried to pick a subject I am passionate about, like things I see and find on the back roads. Nope could not find what I thought were just the right things. I thought about just photographs, but then I obsessed about which ones to use. I just gave it up.....again.

Then it hit me. I am not alone. I am sure thousands have started and stopped started and stopped just like me. But that's the point. We love when we read that someone else is just like us, not as organized, not as dedicated, not as ambitious today, has limited time, mind jumps around like rabbits, just like me. We are all the same but very different. And that my friend is why blogging has become so popular. They say by 2013 1.2 million people will be reading blogs daily. Why, because they can trust the people who are just like them.

The blogs I enjoy reading the most that are about nothing really. Just every day people doing every day stuff like me.

So here I go again. I think I have a normal life where nothing happens but ask my friends or family and they will disagree. I am always on the move in one area or another. So I will begin to "try" to blog again. Maybe I should take the advise my husband always says when I am trying something new.  "Don't try it, just do it"   Yep

There I am off the hook until next week.