Learning Photography It Never Ends

I have had a few jobs in my life, a professional pet groomer, a horse farm manager, a guest ranch cook (don't laugh I am only giving you a few of the many jobs I had) I will stop there because these are the three I most enjoyed, the rest were, well just jobs. It was time to get serious and learn a craft, something to master, something to dive deep into and never quit. I chose photography. Probably at the best time because digital was just coming in to play, and the worst time because more and more enter this field and it is in a free fall right now where nobody knows what is coming. New technology, software, cameras, books,  seem to come out weekly and you have to keep up with it all or you can get lost in just a short time.

So I have been learning and practicing for over 6 years, and see no end in sight. But I wanted to share with you some early work and where I am now.

I had no clue what I was looking for in this photo, how embarrassing

Nice photography but not really much more than a snap shot

In focus, closer and expression

Although at the time I loved this, I see many technical problems

This is a bit better and tells more of a story

I am not anywhere near where I want to be, and honestly I doubt I will ever reach "it" what ever that means. But I am glad I took the time to learn and practice and attempt to master this every changing industry.  Every year I make a calendar of images from the previous year. I save the calendars as a reminder of just how far I have come and how much I have learned.

I thought I would share just a few of the places I learned and got inspired.  If you are just beginning with photography don't get discouraged. Looking at where I started should be encouraging enough.

  1. Here is something to think about


2.   If your starting out and still do not understand aperture and how to use it here a good article to read.


3. If you want to know where I started my education here is a great website that will really jump-start your learning.


4.Want to see what you need to achieve? This website has some of the very best photographs. You will understand why it takes so long to get to this level.


5. Got Money?  Go here to purchase gear. Great customer service and they have everything, I mean everything!


Let me know if you need any other help, ideas or direction, I am glad to give back the same way others have helped me. None of us get there alone.

Getting Real With Photography and Business

Ghost Horse I decided to start writing about chasing the dream. That dream of making a decent living with the craft of photography. Did I just get your attention? Probably because most of us who are not doing this just as a hobby are trying to make a living in a very saturated industry.

I heard this quote the other day." If your business is costing you money it is a hobby not a business, is this true? What about the cost of a start-up? What about the cost of education, equipment, marketing, etc for any new business? I think that you should expect it is going to cost you a lot of money to get to the point of making photography a business. It is also going to cost you a tremendous amount of time in practice and education.  Photography is not like a franchise, this is a craft that will  most likely  take years to perfect. I am going on my 6th year of full-time education and daily practice trying to master  my vision. I will not even say what this all has cost me, just incase my husband reads this someday.

Another suggestion I hear is that if there is no competition there is no market.  Really? So we need to do what everyone else is doing  if we want to make a living?  I had to sit with that for a bit. I suppose that is true if you want to be a commodity but if you're an artist, you want to run and run fast from becoming a commodity.

I feel fear when I think about  my vision for my business because I want to focus my photography on draft horses. Which for a business plan in the so-called "real world" would falter due to it is such a small niche part of the market. Then I watched a podcast  on TWIP about this guy  Don Kamarechka who has poured himself into snowflake photography and is now attempting to publish a fabulous book. This got me thinking.  How big could the snow flake market be? But he is now known as the expert in snowflakes. Who could imagine that for a market?

The world does not need more of what we have already have. We need new stories, visions, art, products, and perspectives.

It is so easy to walk down the path that is well-worn and mapped out. But to follow the path your heart is calling you to follow takes courage, dedication and the wiliness to not listen to the masses. I believe you are experiencing such a calling when you feel fear at the very thought of doing what you have been called to do. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of status and reputation. When you feel these fears it is a good sign that you are on to something and you need to take serious look at this because there is something here  that is designed with you in mind.  It is also a path that you can choose to follow or pass up it is completely up to you but if you pass up the inspiration it will move on to someone else and you will have missed the opportunity. I am sure you can recall such a situation.

Will I be able to pay my bills and live a comfortable life by following my heart? I have no idea, but you can follow along with me as I share with you this dream and vision and the challenges I am sure to face.

Let the journey begin. I will post something about my journey each Tuesday, even if it is just to say I can not post today because of  ???