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I got an email yesterday I received  a blog award from Montana Ranch Girl. Thank you so much. I discovered her blog by searching Montana, and I knew as soon as I found it she would have great stories. I myself worked on some ranches in Montana and it is not always like they portray in the movies or on TV. Read her blog and you will get a real feel for what this lifestyle is all about. This award does come with a few rules, as follows:

List 11 facts about yourself

Answer the questions given to you

Create new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award

Choose blogger's page and let them know about the award

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog:

Facts about myself.

  1. I am an equine and rural life photographer and I have been studying photography intensely for the past 6 years.
  2. I live my winters in Littleton, Colorado, and my summers in Belgium
  3. I am married to a Belgian guy who is not only my best friend but my hero. I could not live this extraordinary life without the support he gives me.
  4. If you were to pop in and visit me my house would be clean and comfortable, but I would probably look a mess.
  5. These are the things I love, snow, country back roads, old men, thunderstorms, mountains, fog, well-mannered dogs, and a good cup of coffee
  6. I have a great bunch of kids and 7.4 grandkids that are each very unique.
  7. I have come close but I still have not found a place to call home. It would be a log cabin in the mountains when I do find it.
  8. I am terrible at learning a second language
  9. My favorite states are Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Wisconsin, and always wanted to discover Oregon and Maine.
  10. I feel alive when I taking a photograph and working alone.
  11. I love Apple and all their products, they make my life easy.

Question from  Montana Ranch Girl

When did you last have a heart-heart talk with yourself? About what?

I just had this talk to myself before the New Year. I wanted to figure out what I was going to do with the knowledge I have learned in the past 6 years studying photography. I had to figure out what kind of photographer I am going to be. I decided to go away from what would bring me quick money. portraits, family, pets, events, weddings, and do what I love which is photograph horses and rural life.

How do you live your values daily?

Wow, tough one!  I first say what I value, my family, my husband, my time alone, my spiritual growth, the natural world, and reading. So I have made great leaps to be more involved in my families lives this past year by splitting my time between Belgium and Colorado, I value my relationship with my husband by excepting who he is and not trying to change him, I spend my mornings in quiet reflection with myself and a cup of coffee and go within for the answers I need. I try to be alone in nature as much as I can and I respect animals for who they are and not try to make them human. I read a lot, in all subjects I want to learn and sometimes just for entertainment.

What reminds you that you are human?

An animal will remind me how human I am and that I do not have their natural abilities to live in the now.

How do you perceive the world differently than others?

I feel most people fight against the world and look at to much of the negative and follow the herd even if it leads them to misery. I look at the world as a great big playground where I get to choose what I want to do. It's struggles are just part of the game but I can always put the toy down and pick up another one. I also do not worry about the world it can take good care of itself despite what we do to it negatively

What is the most valuable life lesson you have learned?

Yikes! I am learning all the time. But I would have to say that if you are not willing to chase your dream and fight your fears you can only blame yourself for where you are in your life. Challenge make you grow, and fear keeps you stuck. You have to live this life you were given and not just be a spectator of the lives of others.

What are you deepest loyalties.

To myself, to my husband, to my family, to my dear friends and mentors, and to all the animals that ever come under my care.

What is the one thing that you couldn't live without?

The love and support my true love gives me.

What makes you truly feel alive?


What is one thing that you have experienced in your life that can be used to help others?

Good question. I have to say that I have experienced the miracle of walking through the fire  of fear to get to your dream. I look it like this. If you do not like where you are you must face the wall of fire (fear) that is blocking you dream life. You will have to walk through that fire wall and it will burn sometimes, but what is on the other side is so amazing it is worth the scare you received. Don't let fear stop your dreams. Dream and if it does not work, dream again.

How would you live you life more fully?

Oh boy, I think I should take more chances and learn more things and love myself more and not give energy to fear. I really like the song by Garth Brooks called the "River" it says it all.

My nominees:

Pam Nicholson Photography Blog

Mud Ranch"s Real Dirt

Common Place Grace

My 11 Questions To You

  1. What have you been learning from writing your blog?
  2. Who is your hero?
  3. When you need inspiration, what do you do?
  4. Can you remember what the happiest day in your life was as a child?
  5. When did you know you wanted to do what you are doing today?
  6. If you could be an animal which one would you be and why?
  7. We all have addictions, what is yours? Why do you love it so much?
  8. If you could visit another country all expenses paid where would you go?
  9. Describe you perfect day
  10. We all value the people in our lives, but what do you value that is not a person?
  11. If you had to spend a month snowed in a mountain cabin all alone, what do you think you would do?

Blogging About Not Blogging

Ok, I can not be alone here. You have been told to blog right? You have even tried it, got excited about your first and maybe your second blog, but then it happens. Your mind goes blank, you do not think you have anything to say or share, and you just don't get why you should spend so much time making sure your blog is interesting, reads easy and flows, let's readers get to know you even more than you want them to, show nice photography to add interest and do this whole thing several times a week. Are they crazy? I have tried calling my blog by a name of the week like "Monday" so I will be sure to get it done by Monday. Nope did not last. I tried to pick a subject I am passionate about, like things I see and find on the back roads. Nope could not find what I thought were just the right things. I thought about just photographs, but then I obsessed about which ones to use. I just gave it up.....again.

Then it hit me. I am not alone. I am sure thousands have started and stopped started and stopped just like me. But that's the point. We love when we read that someone else is just like us, not as organized, not as dedicated, not as ambitious today, has limited time, mind jumps around like rabbits, just like me. We are all the same but very different. And that my friend is why blogging has become so popular. They say by 2013 1.2 million people will be reading blogs daily. Why, because they can trust the people who are just like them.

The blogs I enjoy reading the most that are about nothing really. Just every day people doing every day stuff like me.

So here I go again. I think I have a normal life where nothing happens but ask my friends or family and they will disagree. I am always on the move in one area or another. So I will begin to "try" to blog again. Maybe I should take the advise my husband always says when I am trying something new.  "Don't try it, just do it"   Yep

There I am off the hook until next week.

Letting Go Of What Is Important For What Is Important

Hi folks, Decided to get serious about blogging here and will start back with making the discipline of setting one day a week to blog. I am going to pick Friday mornings.

I am going through a transitional period in my life right now and trying strike a balance. Some who know me would say I am always going through a transitional period as my life seems to never settle down. Is this choice or circumstance?

I think it is a bit of both. I can tell you one thing that is different about me over most people is I am very comfortable with change. In fact it energizes me and makes me move and create. But many times it can paralyze me. Which is where I am at right now.  Reason for the lack of blogging lately.

I am trying to figure out how to balance marriage, lifestyle, business, family, friends, income, adventure, peace, and my sanity. This is no an easy task. Letting go of what is important for what is important has got me in a funk. To me they are all important, but one does not seem to fit with the other. So what do I do?

Many say you have to take care of yourself first and do what you love and the rest will fall in place. I agree, but balance is the key to all of this.   Most important right now is a place to call home. A place where all of this starts and ends. The place where you walk in the door and say Ahhhhh.

I Hope you will follow me every Friday morning as I share with you all that is going on as I so desperately try to figure out this chapter in my life. I will continue to share photos and my adventures of taking the back roads, because deep down I know the answer will be found there.

Of course I would love if you would share with me your wisdom in dealing with all of this. For any minds are better than one.