Windmills, What Are They Used For?

Windmill At Dawn Frozen In The Wind

Wind Power

I have always had a fascination with windmills. When I  see them in the sky twirling and twirling in the wind I getting a feeling of freedom and fascination. I could watch one all day. When I find myself on a rural road, if there is a windmill on the horizon I am heading that way.

Last week I  posted  the photo of the windmill here in Belgium and a friend of mine was asking what was the purpose of a windmill. That question took me by surprise because I assumed everyone knew what windmills were all about. But her question got me thinking that maybe some people, particularly people who do not find themselves in rural areas might want to know the history of windmills.

Here is a great article all about their history and use so next time you see one or maybe a photograph of one, you will have a better understanding of how they work and vary uses they provide.

So for now I will continue to photograph the ones I come across while traveling the back roads and rural areas.

Until next time. Thanks for reading my blog.

The Country Road Is A Lifestyle

I am beginning  my blog on "taking the back roads" because that is where I find most of my joy. Living, working, traveling, hiking, exploring, relaxing, are all the things I usually do when I am  out in the country down a remote road of gravel, dirt or sand. My spirit lifts when I am here. It is just me and nature or I may have a companion like a dog, or horse along to keep me company but without breaking the silence that is such a part of why I am here. Just breathing in the warm breeze of that first spring day with the wind blowing ever so slight and smell of fresh grass from a new mowed hay-field fills the air  ahhhhhh this is where I come alive, this is where I feel free and inspired. This is where I am inspired to take photographs. There is more to taking the back roads than just taking photographs, it is a lifestyle. It is where I prefer to live and it enjoying all that comes from being away from the hectic life others live in cities. It is slower here, nothing needs to rush. Time just marches on without deadlines and meetings or shopping trips. It is just a place that is constant and alway available day after day enduring what ever the weather brings to its door step. Cold, snow, rain, ice, wind, heat, humidity, it is all the same to the road and the trees that grow on the side.

I have always enjoyed the people who live and work on these out-of-the-way back roads. They usually say what is on their minds in fewer words than most of us would have said at three. They see life for what it truly is and learned to live and grow with nature not against her. They provide the very things we all need first and usually are not interested in anything beyond that. They live simple, think simple,and stay simple. I find their silence addicting.

If you are someone who loves living on a back road, or someone who chooses to go there any chance you get, I invite you to follow my blog as I share with the stories and the photographs I take whenever I am down some country road or in a remote area. We are different from most, and we have a hard time understanding where the rest of the world is going, but as long as they keep our back roads alone everything  will be alright.