Cabin Fever

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Cabin for sale

Cabin Fever is what I am experiencing right now, but unlike the definition describes about Cabin Fever my fever is a bit different.

I have a fever to own a cabin in the mountains. I have had this dream ever since I could understand the words to the song "Over the River and Through the Woods" I can still picture in my mind the snow, the horse-drawn carriage and going away from everyone to a place set in snow deep in the woods on a mountain somewhere. A dream is born.

This past weekend I went with my son and his family to Grand Mesa in Colorado. As we were driving towards the top of the Mesa it just did not seem like a place where there would be woods and snow, the surrounding area really seemed a bit like the Grand Canyon than a mountain top. Beautiful vast views of rocky buttes and open space, but not exactly what I had envisioned.

To my surprise as we reached the top the world changed. The snow was deep, aspen trees were everywhere mixed among towering pine trees. We were there, on top of the Mesa I was so amazed at how driving up to an elevation of 10,000 feet could completely change the landscape.

We came there with snowmobiles in tow and 3 small children. It was going to be a family time. But I also brought my camera and  each morning I would get up before just before dawn and walk along the snow-covered roads that were only accessible by snowmobile now. I could see all the cabins that were situated on the shores of the now frozen lakes. Some were new some were original older cabins, but there were cabins just the same. I was having Cabin Fever to own a cabin in such a beautiful spot.

I took pictures of some of the cabins that I could imagine myself living in. Snow piled outside so high the almost covered the windows. Small row boats leaning against the walls just waiting for summer to come back around. Stone chimneys where I could just smell the wood burning in crisp morning air. Outside the only sound was the wind blowing through the pines or a chirp of a chick-a-dee pecking at the pine cones. This is the place of my dreams.

I have a dream of owning a cabin in a place like this one day. Somewhere to go and photograph nature and wildlife and just enjoy the peace and quite that only nature can offer. Build a fire,make a fresh pot of coffee and go through the photographs I took just the night before during an amazing sunset.

So you see during this time of year when we spend more time indoors due to the cold and short days of winter, I do get Cabin Fever, but mine is a fever to be shut in a cabin in the deep winter months. Locked away from the world and enjoying the new snow cold crisp nights and a crackling fire.

Will this be the year  I finally find my cabin home? I have no idea, but for now just dreaming is good enough because dreams have a way of turning into reality if you believe they can.

Here are a few of the cabins I saw while staying in Grand Mesa National Forest

New Year New Roads

Road to Breckenridge Forest Service Cabin

Forest Service Cabin

Cabin In the Mountains

Photographs taken in Colorado near Kenosha pass.

This blog may be a bit lengthy but I think if you read this you will see yourself in here and maybe follow me as I commit to blogging.

I have committed a sin with blogging.  I started a blog because "everyone"  says  you need to blog. I have to admit I only did it for that reason, but now I am clear on why blogging and making a commitment is so important. I follow some interesting blogs. Some of them I learn about photography and others inspire me to live more passionately. I understand that sometimes we think our life is to ordinary and no one cares, but I am here to tell you this is not true. Every life has a story and it should be told. It is what makes us feel connected in how we see ourselves in others. It also helps to share the things others will never experience or see. This is why I am committing myself to my blog this year. But first I have confess the "sins of blogging" I have listed below

Here are 10 blogging sins I committed:

  1. Started a blog because "they" say you must
  2. Not having any idea what it was going to be about
  3. Actually getting some followers but not committing to blogging
  4. Not  blogging regularly
  5. Being to scattered
  6. Lacking confidence that someone would want to read it
  7. Hurrying the process
  8. Not providing good content
  9. Not being inspired
  10. Not offering anything of value

So do you see yourself in here? I think we all can say at one time or another that we have committed these sins. In my defense, if I may defend myself a bit here, I have been busy re-constructing my life so I can live an extra-ordinary life rather than just an ordinary life.

I lived for 5 years in Belgium with my wonderful husband because I love him so much, but dealing with missing, family, language barriers, not enough nature, no snow, flying back and forth twice a year, trying to run a business, etc.. has brought me to a point where I knew something had to give.

We talked about it and decided that it would be best if I split my time between these two countries (not your ordinary life I would say)  So I decided to spend my winters in Colorado. I have two of my four children that live there, I love mountains and snow, great airport access, lot's of ranches and horses, and nature and wildlife just steps away,  and of course many  back roads so I can photograph the things I love.

So here is my excuse or admission of why I have left my blog sit. I have been very busy trying to set this new lifestyle, which makes for some good stories which I plan on sharing here.

This blog will be about my life and all its turns and challenges along with photographs of the things I find when I turn to go down a back road for peace and inspiration. Wether I am in Belgium or in Colorado I will share my experiences and photographs in hope that you, my readers will enjoy the stories of  living this extra-ordinary life. I will share and tell you how it is possible for you to start to live an extra-ordinary life also. But that is for future post.

So please grant me your forgiveness as I commit to writing and posting all the things I find on my back road journey.

I think we all need to share our lives and thoughts and experiences so we can inspire, entertain, share the wisdom and the beauty each of our lives have within them. If you are writing a blog share it with me so I can be inspired by you.

Here is a blog that inspires me.  Sue is a good friend of mine who has taken the time to share her amazing art and her wisdom in her writings.

Enjoy life and share your story