Remembering Old Wives Tales

Wise Woman The other day I was helping my husband move his 80-year-old mother into a smaller place. Since all the furniture was not set up, we had her stay with us for a few days until she got settled. Her and I were taking a much-needed break at end of a long day and having a cup of tea.  She was gazing out the window looking over to the chicken pen when she said to me in her dutch language that it was going to rain in a day or two because the chickens were still scratching and it was after 7:00pm. I had never heard of that before and it got me thinking of other "old wives tales" that have been passed on over the ages. I decided to list some of the ones I found interesting.

  • When the swallows fly high it will be a nice day, when they fly close to the ground it will rain
  • Chickens will follow the sun eating if they are not penned in
  • Don't tie the rope until the calf is born (Belgian saying) or don't count your chicks until they hatch
  • A cow in calf will have a bull if the hair is standing up between her horns, and a heifer  if it is laying down
  • If the mist or fog is close to the ground the day will be nice
  • If  peacocks are making lot's of noise it is going to rain
  • If it rains on Easter Sunday, it rains seven Sundays after
  • Never give a knife as a gift or it will sever the relationship
  • Some people are penny wise, but pound foolish

These saying give me a chuckle and I guess some have a lot of truth in them, but what I am wondering is will we have any tales we that will be remembered in the future? Do we have modern day old wives tales to pass on? Maybe they will come in a different form like something to do with the internet or computers or social media. I just think it would be a shame if this generation did not have any everyday sayings to pass on to the next.

I enjoy old wives tales, just like I have always enjoyed the Farmers Alamanac to predict the weather. I suppose in the agriculture era this all was very important.

If you have any interesting "old wives tales" that you remember, would love to have you share them in this blog.

Until next time, and remember if you are a taking a photograph always look behind you, you may just see a better view.