Spring Is Here In Belgium

Spring Is Here In Belgium

I just arrived to my summer home in Vorselaar, Belgium. The first think I noticed was of course the weather, sunny bright, green and with a temperature of 70 it is  wonderful. Even the stewardess from the plane commented that she was not sure we were in Belgium because it was not raining.

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Finally Rural Life Get Noticed

I was so excited with the Dodge Ram commercial because rural life is finally getting some attention. Just as we have all watched hundreds of commercials, videos, television shows, photographs, centered around urban living in this modern world, Dodge came out and  changed it up and showed us what country people are all about Yepee!!! (visualize me jumping up and down now) I was thinking I was the only one in the world that got it, but now the rest of the world saw in prime time what it takes to be a farmer,  thank you Dodge!

Farmers, ranchers, country folks, unite. We have been noticed again and we warmed their hearts. That is our best quality. So be proud and celebrate.

In case you missed it do to chores, here is the link

Ram Superbowl Commercial 

Here is one of my contribution to the farmers out there.

Plowing the old way