Video Challenge

My Window View I love visuals of all kinds. Recently I entered a 30 days of filming video challenge from a Creative Live class given by Sue Bryce. If you know her you are probably wondering why I would take a class from a photographer who teaches glamour photography which is so far from what I am doing, but she is an amazing teacher and I love to learn every aspect of photography.

Well back to the point. In this class she was teaching us short video to use as promotion. Her guest was Hailey Bartholomew who does an amazing job with producing short videos. She challenged us to begin by filming and producing a video of the things you love and appreciate for thirty days to help us develop our skills.

I joined in on the challenge and this is my video: Window View

I submitted it to her contest, not sure how it will do but I learned a lot and found another avenue to sharing my vision. I can not wait to use this skill when I am photographing  the draft horses in Belgium this spring and summer.