Letting Go Of What Is Important For What Is Important

Hi folks, Decided to get serious about blogging here and will start back with making the discipline of setting one day a week to blog. I am going to pick Friday mornings.

I am going through a transitional period in my life right now and trying strike a balance. Some who know me would say I am always going through a transitional period as my life seems to never settle down. Is this choice or circumstance?

I think it is a bit of both. I can tell you one thing that is different about me over most people is I am very comfortable with change. In fact it energizes me and makes me move and create. But many times it can paralyze me. Which is where I am at right now.  Reason for the lack of blogging lately.

I am trying to figure out how to balance marriage, lifestyle, business, family, friends, income, adventure, peace, and my sanity. This is no an easy task. Letting go of what is important for what is important has got me in a funk. To me they are all important, but one does not seem to fit with the other. So what do I do?

Many say you have to take care of yourself first and do what you love and the rest will fall in place. I agree, but balance is the key to all of this.   Most important right now is a place to call home. A place where all of this starts and ends. The place where you walk in the door and say Ahhhhh.

I Hope you will follow me every Friday morning as I share with you all that is going on as I so desperately try to figure out this chapter in my life. I will continue to share photos and my adventures of taking the back roads, because deep down I know the answer will be found there.

Of course I would love if you would share with me your wisdom in dealing with all of this. For any minds are better than one.