Hiring A Pro Photographer Is A Great Deal

I was thinking about my profession of being a photographer the other day after reading through some of the photography forums I visit often. The same comments keep reappearing like "people do not value photographers anymore" "no one wants to pay me for my time, education and equipment"  "I can not make a living anymore doing photography". I understand that the new digital world has change this profession but I still thing there is a lot of value in a great photograph. I then began thinking about all the other items that cost much more than a fine art print or great photograph of your family. We do not seem to question giving up a large portion of our salaries to items that barely last ten years. How many times have you broke your budget to by the latest style of clothing only to have them end up here?

Also have you checked out the prices of cars these days? I paid more for a car this last decade then I did for my first house. I am sure that the car will end up something like this one:

I have had appliances that cost a fortune only to end up on the back of a dolly headed to the dump like this:

ready for the dumpAnd remember the thrill of getting that new, and very expensive leather couch? After just a few months it ends up being used for a different reason.

But through out my life the photographs I have taken and framed of not only my family but ones that I have framed to decorate my house still live on and look just as good as the day I put them on display.  I have moved them and rearranged them but they always look great and bring me back to very cherished times and memories.

So the next time you are shocked at the price of a fabulous  fine art print that would look great on your wall, or the money you spend to have a professional photographer take photographs of your family or pets, think back to  all the money you spent on just a few of the things I mentioned here and I think you will agree photography and art are a great investment.

Go hug your photographer today, or better yet purchase a fine art print or book photo  session. It will be one of the best investments of your life. So the money you spend does not just end up here.