A Man, A Horse, and A Job

A man and his horse Every morning you can find me on my bicycle with my camera in the saddlebag riding the country roads around Belgium.  I love the early morning light and the fresh smell of a new morning. I also enjoy practicing my photography, experimenting with a different lens and just being creative. All of this with the benefit of getting in my daily exercise.

One morning last fall I was riding my bike near the old water-mill not far from town when up ahead I saw a man and his horse walking down the cobblestone road. He had an axe and the horse had his harness on so I knew there was a photo opportunity ahead. I peddled up  to them and in my best broken dutch I asked him I could take a few photographs. He said he was headed to the woods to pull some logs, so I asked if I could follow. He stopped a moment and looked at my shoes. "There is a lot of mud where I am going." I could see concern in his eyes. I explained that I did not mind the mud and would love to follow but would make sure I stayed out of his way. If he only knew I was not the kind of women who is to concerned about mud, especially when there is a photographic opportunity like this.

As I watch the two of them work together, it was obvious the trust they had in each other. The horse knew when to stand and when to pull and it was a pleasure watching them work as a team.

After I uploaded the photographs I realized there was a story unfolding with each one. So I made a slide show and added some music that would suit the work they were doing and sent it to YouTube so the people who are subscribers to my channel: called hoof2prints: could watch it.

Here is the video I put together. Love to hear your comments about what you think of these two as a pair working together. Or about the photographs, I always welcome critiques.